Saturday, December 24, 2011

december 24th

In the Advent Calendar Today:

"Read the Advent Devotion
Today, help Mom and Dad pack up the car and enjoy the drive...
Laughing all the way!"

We are taking our Christmas over the river and through the woods this year.
I had planned today to be a packing, traveling, doing kind-of-day, so I was surprised with the gift of a quiet, contemplative morning.  

The sun was not even up when I smelled coffee brewing.  I came down stars to the softest music, candles lit, tree glowing and my sweet husband reading by the fire.  We sat in the stillness, the pause, between yesterday's grand celebration and tomorrow's big plans.

I am looking forward to our quaint Christmas in the country.
But the anticipation, the waiting, the planning, and the new traditions we have started this year make me just a little sad that it is almost over.

I have NEVER said that about the holidays before.

May you find the quietest moment this Christmas Eve to savor the thrill of anticipation.

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HEAB said...

Merry Christmas Jenny & family!