Monday, September 20, 2010

Daisy Chain

You walk into a store and your heart starts beating faster the minute you walk in the door. Research says men are visually stimulated, but researchers just haven’t tested women who have just seen pieces of clothing that scream, wear me and you will have fun and feel beautiful!

The Daisy Chain is a fabulously unique boutique. Walk around the mall. Go in every store, and then go to The Daisy Chain. You will not find these brands anywhere else in town, or at least I haven’t. But it’s not just the clothes. It’s way more.

Do you ever look at celebrities and think, “Oh how I wish I had a stylist who could help me find clothes that are right for me. I need help developing a personal style. Wish I could afford that!”

Well, you can because it’s free at this store.

The staff range in age from high school students to mature women, but what they have in common is that Courtenay Jackson, the store owner, has empowered them with her own vision. She envisions a place where moms and teen daughters can shop together and both find treasures that look great on them. I know there are many of us who hate having a sales person follow you around while you are shopping. But, this is a no-pressure zone. The staff has an uncanny way of looking at the pieces you are choosing, discerning your taste and then comes the best part. They actually help you find the pieces that fit your style and fit your body.

Since you know there are two Jennys that write on this site, I feel it necessary to divulge which one is writing this article. Jenny B. could put on a sack, tie a rope around it, and she would look amazing, but this article is written by Jenny W. Let’s just speak the truth here, at my age and slight pudginess, it is harder for me to live out externally the hot babe that I am internally. I have even gone into the dressing room at The Daisy Chain with my girdle underwear that I bought off of a TV infomercial, and the staff there has treated me like I am a beauty.

My wardrobe is becoming more and more filled with signature pieces from this store. When I am out with friends they will see things and comment that the item “looks like me.” I have a style. When I really want to look my best, I consistently pull out the items in my closet from my Daisy Chain shopping experiences.

While you will pay more for clothes here than at TJ Maxx or many places in the mall, the value is huge. Do you have many articles in your wardrobe that fit and are fine, but you don’t get excited about wearing them? The items you invest in here will be your “go to “ items. They are high quality. I am building a wardrobe year by year, still wearing the first items I bought seasons ago. You get a personal stylist with your purchase, and they carry jewelry, shoes and handbags, so you can get everything in one place.

The store is small, but there are 100’s of items because Courtenay purchases one item in its available sizes, so you know you won’t see everyone in the same piece. Shirts range in price from $30.00 to $80.00. Dresses go from $70.00 to $140.00. But if you get on the store’s mailing list, you receive monthly coupons that can be used on two items per month. If you want to receive the coupons, find out more about the store and check it out in greater detail, go to, and then become a facebook friend.

While the clothes in themselves could be considered wearable art, that isn’t actually the only art in the shop. The Daisy Chain has gifts from dishes to stationary, each of which is also unique.

So, go to the store to renew your exterior. While you are there, purchase a copy of Unwritten Travels to revamp your interior for a whole new you. You will walk around town and hear people whisper, “Who is that? She must be someone famous.” Just smile, look great and either leave them guessing, or be kind and send them to Courtenay.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

what's inside?

Well, we took the dare! Melinda made the suggestion that we reveal to you the inside of our fridge. Make sure to check out her blog.

The fridge that will inspire you to whip up a snack:

my 3 favorite things (jenny w.) - fake cucumber slices chilled to put on my eyelids
leftover spaghetti that tastes even better the second time around.
pepperjack cheese and garlic stuffed olives

I am almost embarrassed about my refrigerator. It really isn't that messy ever, but it because I'm into "systems." Every Wed. morning our trash comes, so every Tuesday night or Wed. morning, I throw out anything old and kind of visually inventory what we have. Also, have a separate frig in the garage and a separate freezer in the pantry, so I am set on refrigerator and freezer space.

And here's the fridge that will inspire you to order out:

So, here's mine (jenny b)...I hope you will still come over to my house for dinner sometime:

My 3 favorite things:
hint water (no sweetener just a hint of raspberry/lime or cucumber)
trader joe's turkey bacon
coke zero

What is the most surprising, disturbing or unusual thing inside your fridge?

Come on, we showed you ours :)