Saturday, June 12, 2010

Spruce~Inspired Living

Walked in to a store one day, and immediately my blood pressure went down. At the same time, my senses were heightened in the loveliest way. If it’s true that, “it’s in the details” then there is a store in Brentwood on Church Street that is doing “it” right.

Walk in to hear a playlist of jazzy, folksy, music that sounds how I sound in my fantasy life. Passing by one display of bath products I literally had to sit down on one of the many pieces of furniture available for purchase just to soak up the aroma for a while.

Noticing the tag line after the store’s name, I realized that Unwritten Travels and the store, Spruce share an ideal – inspired living. I had to meet the person who was obviously inspired when they opened this store and was pleased to talk to one of the owners, Alicia Helm.

Alicia and her business partner, Ashley met while renting space in the same location to sell products that brought beauty into a woman’s life. They were both drawn to home d├ęcor and gifts and their tastes were very similar. They call their style “transitional.” I just call it lovely, comfortable and inviting but not fussy. They decided they would open their own place for other women to rent space to sell beautiful things. As they grew and their vision developed, they decided as of March 1st of this year to switch to doing their own buying for all of the products they carry, resulting in a store with an identity all it’s own.

Spruce has gifts - wedding gifts, baby gifts, stationary, yummy candles and bath products for your best friend. They have furniture, paintings and unique things that my grandmother would have called knick-knacks, but seem like necessities that you can’t live without when you are in the store. A favorite of mine is the beautiful hourglass that looks like blown glass with black sand inside. Surprisingly affordable too!

You could shop other places and check things off of your to-do list, but if you want to feel like you are treating yourself while you are running an errand go to Spruce. While there, decide to spruce up your life by purchasing a copy of Unwritten Travels. Whether you are buying a gift for someone else or for yourself, the experience at Spruce is actually a gift you are giving yourself in itself. Can you purchase an inspired life? Give it a try. The surprise will be a pleasant one.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

what's inside YOUR purse?

In Jenny Black's Purse:

Wallet (ID, check cards, check book, pens, money)

Cell Phone


Broken button

Toss up game

Frindle by Andrew Clements

Tide stick

Wax candy

Tic tacs

Two check books

Pouch with pencils, pens, paperclip white out, eye makeup brush, emory board

Moose Farkle

Perfume sample

10 pens

2 highlighters

a plastic fork

two zotz, one zots wrapper

b-12 folic acid

white out pen

nike ipod shoe thingy

Sudafed PE sinus headache

An extra pen cap

A Tampon

3 store receipts

Hole puncher

Lip gloss

Blush brush

2 binder clips

a green wizzy whistle

old grocery list

purple sharpie

empty ibuprofen bottle

bouncy ball

hair band

bits of trash, pebbles,

a white rock

business cards

In Jenny Watson's Purse:

Six lipsticks

Car Keys

Cell Phone

A Nail File
Gum & Mints

Business Cards in a Very Cute Case

A old-fashioned telephone/address book

A Camera

My to-do list

A box of pens, pencils and a highlighters

A wallet

with my checkbook in it

A credit card/store bonus card holder
receipts and bank deposit slips tucked in

A polkadot cosmetics case

It holds reading glasses,
Band-aids, hand lotion,
a pre-pasted toothbrush,
a little flashlight,
plastic utensils,
a tape measure,
and dental floss!