Thursday, January 14, 2010

10 Reasons

...why the Unwritten Travels Work(PLAY)shop will be the best $ you spend all year:

1. Six weeks of fun and inspiration for less than you'd pay for 1 hour of therapy.

2. It's scientifically proven that money can buy happiness!
(When you spend it on experiences that connect you with others)

3. Access to your very own Life Coach.

4. Finally getting an opportunity to spend time with the kind of people you wish you could spend more time with.

5. Free childcare for your kids while you are having fun with grown-ups
(and you won't even have to sweat).

6. You will be having so much fun that it will surprise you that you are learning so much about your amazing self.

7. You will receive one free session of counseling/life coaching to give to one of your friends.
(Hey, they don't have to know you got it free.)

8. You will realize you aren't the only one who doesn't have it all together, and just maybe that won't even be the goal.

9. There might be snacks. Enough said right there.

10. It is only possible to invest yourself into your life once you have invested in yourself!