Friday, April 24, 2009

your favorite things

The way to love life is to love many things.
~Van Gogh

I started Unwritten Travels today. For the first time since our book was cut and pasted into a binder, I am filling in the blanks of my very own copy.

Even though I am overcommitted (spell check doesn't recognize that word, but I looked it up in the dictionary and that is the correct spelling. Maybe my computer is using the red pen on my life, underlining that word to remind me that it is unhealthy and unproductive to be overcommitted.), my house has a protective layer of dust and soap scum on all surfaces, and I am headed to a bridal luncheon in just a few minutes (for the stunning Elizabeth Mc Knight, doodler extrodinare of all things Unwritten), I actually sat on my back porch and filled out the list of my favorite things.
(Yes, that was one sentence. I need a blog editor.)

It almost felt obsene.
What buisness do I have thinking about my favorite things on a day like today, in a month like this month, where there is too much to do and not near enough time or energy to do it?
But I did it anyway, because if I weren't me, I would be lecturing you on taking time for yourself ESPECIALLY in the hardest times. So I listened to me telling you that this is good for you
~healthy actually, like eating vegetables, wholegrains and drinking lots of water.

And it was.
I felt this tired part of myself stretch her little arms out, look up for the first time in a while, and remember that she matters.

My favorite color: this yummy blue (the little sticks).

My favortie article of clothing:
pink polka dot skirt that I am wearing tonight.

My favorite sport
: zumba (according to my definition of sport, anyway)

My favorite book:
I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb
and anything by Marisa de los Santos. I wrote her last year on National Author's Day and she wrote me back the kindest letter.

My favorite shoes:
I am wearing them right now. Strapy floral wedge sandals. They make me smile every time I peek at my feet :)

My favorite gift(s) received:
my camera, my engagement ring, my grandmother's ring.

Thankfulness overwhems me as I reflect on the many things I love about my life.
Well, my timer went off to alert me that I must get on with the day.

What have you learned about yourself from filling out Your Favorite Things?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

showing off

What are my dreams?

Who am I?

Am I who I want to be at this time in my life?

How can I give my life to others and still hold on to my unique self?

These are some of the questions we asked hundreds of women to ask themselves this weekend at the Southern Women's Show in Nashville, TN.
We found the best way to describe our book is an activity book for real life.
Jenny Ann did a fantabulous job designing and building our booth.

We had a big glass Dream Jar with pieces of paper for women to write down a dream they have for their life. Some women did not have a dream.
We told them they NEEDED our book.

Many women inspired us by their stories, their dreams, and the difficult and wonderful decisions they are making for good in their lives. We talked to a woman who had survived four different types of cancer. A financial adviser (with a name like a superhero) who realized that people did not need more money, they needed a vision for their life (and he thinks our book can help). A woman who did not think she was smart enough to get her Master's Degree, but she pressed on and now she has her dream job as a librarian.

Thank you to ALL who came by and visited our booth.
Special thanks to The Lisas, Linda, Mary Kay, Angela, and our sweet husbands, Steve and Adam.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nashville Southern Women's Show 2009

Tomorrow begins a big fun time for Unwritten Travels. Thursday through Sunday we will be hosting a booth at the Southern Women's Show. It would be a thrill to see you there. We are in booth #1003.