Monday, January 23, 2012

Manic Monday: Re-entry

Vacation is wonderful, isn't it?
Coming home is even better.

Except for that awkward day or two when I am back in my real life, but my brain can't quite remember how to do it. 

Where did I leave off?  
Where do I start? 
How do I get myself back into the life that I left? 

I read somewhere about a woman who always gave herself one day "off" between vacation and real life.  I like that idea. I also wonder if she had children. 

Here is my Re-entry for Real Life plan:

1. take the morning slow. don't get dressed. drink my coffee. have another cup. eat a late breakfast. extra snuggling and talking with the kids.

2. make a list. what comes to my mind? write it down. plan a time this week to return emails/calls (not today). plan a time to go through the mail (not today). 

3. do laundry. it is the perfect chore to do when my brain is not functioning very well.  fold clothes while I watch a show or two (or five-we sort of got addicted to Once Upon a Time on ABC).

4.  buy food. make a run to the grocery store for the basics. (it might be good to get dressed for this excursion.) this is not the week for me to get into delicious dinners.  just the simple stuff.  Always preferred by my kids and perfect for the week after vacation eating. 

5. go to bed early. maybe just maybe I will wake up well-rested tomorrow and my Real Life will make sense to me again. 

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